You should stop eating too much red meat. The disadvantages of red meat!

The Disadvantages of Red Meat

Red meat are very delicious. Who does not like juicy, hot, steaming steak? Except if you are a vegetarian of course. But everything comes with some advantages and some disadvantages and in the case of red meat, the case is more declined towards the disadvantages. Red meat has some benefits, it is a good source of iron and zinc and also it is packed with loads of vitamin B12. But when we compare the disadvantages of red meat offers, the advantages seem to go in the background out of the spotlight.

disadvantages of red meat

So, what are these big disadvantages of red meat and why you should stop eating too much red meat. Let’s find out.

  1. The risk of heart diseases

The first and the biggest danger that red meat poses is the heart diseases. As the Clinical Dietitian at The University of Kansas Health System, Laura Smith, describes that red meat contains more saturated fat and cholesterol than fish and chicken. A 4 ounce (0.1 kg) of cooked, boneless steak contains 93mg of cholesterol and 17g of fat.

This much high amount of cholesterol and saturated fat is very dangerous for heart. It can raise the blood cholesterol level which can lead to many heart diseases. It can either trigger the disease or even make it worse if you already suffer from one.

So, it’s better to just avoid red meat rather than getting yourself into a heart disease.


  1. Can cause hardening of blood vessels

Carnitine is a compound which is found in red meat and has been associated with the hardening of the blood vessels by many scientists. After a research which included 2500 heart patients, which were either vegans, vegetarians or omnivores, it was concluded that carnitine together with the bacteria in the intestine, converts to trimethylamine-N-oxide (TMAO), a compound responsible for the damaging heart.

  1. May become one of the reasons leading to cancer

Another very dangerous disadvantage that comes with red meat is its association with cancer. It is mostly associated with the colorectal cancer, which is the fourth most common type of cancer which is being diagnosed in the world. The risks are also associated with the processed meat. The heme iron which is only found in meats and the most in red meat can cause the production of the cancer-causing cells.

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  1. Can cause diabetes

Red meat has also been associated with the triggering of type 2 diabetes, in a report published by the JAMA Internal Medicine. A large amount of intake of red meat may cause obesity and type 2 diabetes which is very harmful for your health.

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  1. Can cause inflammation

The fat and extremely high level of iron can be the reason of inflammation in your body. Red meat is packed with both fat and iron. Inflammation can occur in any part of the human body and it can further lead to heart diseases, cancer, and arthritis. The inflammation is often gradual and takes time to be diagnosed. It is very dangerous for your body and leads to many other diseases.

Red meat offers both advantages and disadvantages. The advantages can only be beneficial if red meat is consumed in very limited amount. As it is said the excess of anything is bad, if you over eat red meat and make it a part of your regular food, then it can prove to be very dangerous for you. Just keep its intake very limited like once in a few months, so that you don’t forget its taste and neither it remains harmful for you.

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